This year 2021 will be led by a very important objective: to move towards 100% ecological.

At Northern Spirit, transparency is one of our priorities. It is a matter of respect and ethics because our commitment is also yours.

We attach great importance to the origins of the materials we use toe manufacture our clothing. It is essential for us to know where the fibers in our products come from.

To achieve the goal that we have set and try to set up a certified ethical textile industry, all production stages of the garment count. Traceability is at the heart of our sustainability approach.

All our suppliers provide us with the merchandise traceability. From material supply to tailoring, including the dyes, nature and composition of the products used to create our eco-designed clothes, everything is specified in the traceability sheets. The final goal: to design with passion and commit to offer technical and ethical clothing that you will wear to enjoy.

It is essential for us that every human involved in the manufacturing process works in the correct conditions. Safety, hours, working environment... Our partners are committed to their employees on a daily basis.

Traceability is:

  • a requirement of every moment.
  • a guarantee of quality - ensure the origin, quality and eco-responsibility of the yarns, materials and clothes you will wear.
  • offer you clothes made in the best possible conditions for those who make them.

If you want to know more or have any doubts, questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer you.


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